Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review: Eve

Eve (The Eternal Daughter Book 1) by [Larsen, Patti]Eve by Patti Larsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In giving full disclosure, I received this novel free because I nominated it in the Kindle Scout program, and boy, am I ever glad I did.

What an incredible story from start to finish. It was so good I could barely put it down. (Even to work, LOL) The way Larson weaves the story is nothing short of stellar. I loved everything about Eve from the characters, to the world, she made everything believable. There is not one moment in this story where I questioned what was happening or who these characters were. Well done, Mrs. Larson.

As a side note I wanted to add that my normal genres are not Folklore, Fantasy, Science Fiction because it's very hard for me to picture a world that doesn't exist, but after reading Eve I may have to try some other novels in this genre before quickly moving on from them. So thank you, Mrs. Larson for opening my eyes to a world I have been blind to in the past.

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