Thursday, 19 November 2015

Snatched by Stephen Edger

SnatchedSnatched by Stephen Edger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was offered free on Amazon and the description was appealing enough to prompt me to put it on my want to read shelve.

The story flowed at pace suiting the mystery of the novel, however, there were many times I felt too much description and background on characters were unnecessary and weighing the novel down. One part in particular was during the attach on Sarah, she passes out, the chapter ends and the next chapter begins with her father and all about how he didn’t want a mobile phone, his new girlfriend etc… None of this moved the story forward, in fact, I skimmed over most of those pages. There were several other errors throughout the story, but I don’t feel the need to point them out, the only thing I would offer this author it to be careful when writing dialogue. Throughout this novel I found the dialogue too exact, saying things that would be written, not said by a character.

There is also a fine line between fictional and reality and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between what a reader may believe and accept against what could be real and true. This novel pushes that barrier a little further than I could accept leaving me without the ability to immerse myself into the story. There were too many things that left me saying that all of this couldn't possibly happen to one person.

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